Monday, December 14, 2009

The Fairy Kitten by Enid Blyton, reviewed by Khyati Rishi

The Fairy Kitten by Enid Blyton

Reviewed by
Name: Khyati Rishi (9 years)
School: Delhi Public School,Indirapuram

The author Enid Blyton has written a beautiful story named “ The Fairy Kitten” . In this story the author has described very nicely about a little boy called John who has lost his little grey kitten. John lived with his mother and father in a lovely little cottage. His mother told him to look for his kitten in the woods. John went in the woods and looked for the kitten everywhere. Suddenly he heard a very soft noise which came from the middle of the prickly bush. John was surprised to see a pixie there who was caught in the prickly branches. John carefully lifted him out of the bush. The little pixie was very happy and promised John to help him find his kitten. The pixie took out his pipe and played a lovely tune looking at the pussy willow bush. The silver pussy willow buds changed into fairy kittens and John was able to find his fairy kitten. The pixie then vanished and John came back with his fairy kitten. It is a successful attempt made by the author in describing the character of the story. It is a very simple and an interesting story which not only fascinated me but also took me to the land of pixies and fairies. Last but not the least , Enid Blyton has taken full care of making the language of the story very simple and easy to understand by the children of our age-group.

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