Monday, December 14, 2009

The Queen Elizabeth Family by Enid Blyton, reviewed by Gehna Sharma

The Queen Elizabeth Family by Enid Blyton

Reviewed by
Name: Gehna Sharma
School: Delhi Public School, Indirapuram

'The Queen Elizabeth Family' is a story about three children and their parents and their visit to America on board the 'Queen Elizabeth', the biggest and the most luxurious cruise ship in the world.

The three children, Mike, Belinda and Anne went to board at school all the week, but they came back to their caravan homes for their weekends. One evening the children and their mother were discussing about Queen Elizabeth, the cruise ship which reaches America just within a few days. At that very moment their dad steps in the caravan and surprises them all when he tells them that he has five passes to visit America on board 'Queen Elizabeth'. They all were also surprised at the coincidence for Mike because those days they were studying about America in Geography. Daddy told them that they were going to America this coming Friday. Soon the Friday arrived, everyone was ready with bags packed. They boarded the 'Queen Elizabeth' and reached America within a few days. They stayed in a seven-star hotel in New York and also visited many places in New York like Statue of Liberty and the famous markets of New York. They had a very nice experience in New York.

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