Monday, December 14, 2009

Pandemonium At School by Jeremy Strong, reviewed by Shreela Kumar

Pandemonium At School by Jeremy Strong

Reviewed by
Name: Shreela Kumar (10 years)
School: Convent of Jesus and Mary, New Delhi

This story revolves around the grouchy and strict principal of Dullandon School and the fun loving substitute teacher Ms. Violet Pandemonium. The story starts when Mr. David breaks his ribs in an accident. Mr. Shrapnell (principal) calls for a substitute. Guess who comes? Yes, Ms. Violet Pandemonuim. She creates a great havoc when she arrives in an ambulance. She is short and wears lip-stick “half-way” her cheek. She is very messy. Mr. Shrapnell goes mad especially when she teaches the children darts and make origami. The next day is even worse. Ms. Violet teaches children to make helicopter out of bikes. They do get into trouble for baking a friendship cake. When the cake gets to friendly, Mr. Shrapnell becomes mad. So when the inspection day dawns closer he is nervous. But at the end Ms. Violet and the children finally succeed in making him laugh. This hilarious story is full of fun. Jeremy Strong does a very good narration. From my point of view it is a very good book for a change from studies. If this book can succeed in making a grouchy and grumpy person like Mr. Shrapnell laugh, what all good can it do to you!

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