Monday, December 14, 2009

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat, reviewed by Varun Bhargava

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

Reviewed by
Name: Varun Bhargava

Five point someone is about there college mates at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi namely Hari, Ryan and Alok. Five point is a grade even in the 117 for the below average students and ironically our three friends are prone to this dubious distinction. The 117 is supposed to be the Mecca of engineering in India and thus has built itself a studious and illustrious fa├žade Five point. Someone deals with the simple Hari, the studious Alok and gallant Ryan. The book deals with their capers at the 117. Hari’s love interest Neha is the factor responsible for the biggest caper of them all., The book is a racy one and it has a unique novelty wherein these characters speak for themselves, their own point of view, which actually gives the reader a more profound insight into their character and due credit to the author for his wonderful encore. The story have an Indian backdrop ad thus is germane to the customs and the orthodox environments prevalent over here with respect to love and marriage. The book deals with the trials and tribulations of the campus life, which seem simple, but when integrated can become dangerous. The characters pivotal to the story find initially that the life that they had yearned for, an 117ian’s life is a disillusion. Totally reverse of their anticipation. Reason is very simple. They have brilliance of mind. Brilliance is of two types. One: in matters of curriculum, i.e. bookish. Second: creative brilliance. Consequence: in spite of t heir brilliance, perform miserably in the examinations. There in sets disillusion. They aren’t able (allowed to work out things in their own ingenious ways. And this leads to the feeling that what sort of institution they have come into that doesn’t allow free thinking. This leads them to become all the more reckless and desperate, ensuring their result filtered all the more and in the meantime incurred the disciplinary wrath of the institution’s administration in the final year. Well now water was really over their head and drives one of them to even attempt suicide as he had certain duties to fulfill towards his family being not from an affluent background and feels he has failed them. Herein help comes from a professors who recognized their potential. He guides their unbridged ideas; gaining wonderful outcome, by being a sympathetic listener to their confusions following it up with his own supporting ideas.

This journey culminates in their becoming SOMEONE from SOMETHING. So from being fractional (5 something) human-beings, they graduate to whole humans. They are no longer inanimate things, having metamorphosed into “ONES” . Ready to take on the world. This teaches us not to block a brilliant mind, but to guide it, just as scientist do. SOCIETY stands to gain from such attitude.

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