Monday, December 14, 2009

Funny Side Up by Rusking Bond, reviewed by Arush Ahuja

Funny Side Up by Rusking Bond

Reviewed by
Name: Arush Ahuja
School: Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi

Monkeys are bad characters as they harm/make noise/jumping on tin roof as mentioned in story “Monkey on the roof”, “And in the Loo” & “And at the Bank”.

Good/Nice Character :
Journey experience during Kingfisher flight in story “Beling Around Mumbai”.

Plot- What happened in the storey :
I have learnt useful tips from story of “IF Mice could Row” which describes surprises like if pebbles could sing, And bells never sing, If a tortoise could sin, And a gun grew a flower etc.

Part of Book which WE/I particularly enjoyed :
When a beetle fell into the goldfish bowl & he struggle for exist and when crawls across the floor, grab the leg of a chair and stand up for first time.

Setting of Story :
In story “Odds and Ends” I learnt that “God gave us our faces. We gave ourselves our expressions and Bad times are good times to prepare for better times.

Rating : Very Good.

Comment :
On going/reading through few stories of the Ruskin Bond book, it is observed that these stories gives me pleasure, knowledge about perpetual presentation by monkeys & I want to become the tress which makes me feel younger & older tree , the younger be feel. In brief these stories are useful for children knowledge & mental growth.

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