Monday, December 14, 2009

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Monterson And David Oliver Relin, reviewed by Aadya Singh

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Monterson And David Oliver Relin

Reviewed by
Name: Aadya Singh
School: D.P.S. Vasant Vihar

The book, ’Three Cups of Tea’, written by Greg Monterson and David Oliver Relin, is interesting to read. This is a true story about Greg Monterson who built many schools for the uneducated children of Central Asia.

Greg Monterson was attempting an expedition to climb K2, but got lost and wandered into the high mountains of Pakistan. He eventually reached a village, Korphe and found it different from his native place -people wore unusual clothes; communicated in strange language and had no school for children to study. However, they were kind and hospitable to him. He left with the promise of coming back to build a school for children. And to every one’s surprise he did return next year with all construction materials for the school. He created a group, named Central Asia Institute which helps the underdeveloped countries in Central Asia to build schools. Greg built more than sixty schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I recommend this book as compulsory reading to all people who have resources, desire and drive to bring a change in the life of many such children around the globe. The title of the book signifies that a stranger becomes a family member with the third cup of tea and Greg aptly considered constructing schools to educate the children as any patriarch would do for his family. I am moved and inspired by the character of Greg who in spite of the ordeal of kidnapping and death threats remained motivated to complete his task.

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