Monday, December 14, 2009

God Is Supreme by Chauhan Subodh Kr., reviewed by Jyoti

God Is Supreme by Chauhan Subodh Kr.

Reviewed by
Name: Jyoti
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

One day Karim asked his friend Rajan, “What is the name of your God? Where does he live? Have you ever seen him?” Rajan had o answer because he himself wanted to know the answer of all these questions. So they both went to their teacher and asked her the same questions. Let me answer these questions in the classroom. So that al students come to know about the God.??

Teacher told, “God is one. But for their convenience, people have given him different names like Rama, Krishna, Allah, Kuda, etc. .But, in reality all these different names represent same God. God is supreme. He is the creator of the Sun, the moon, the earth and all the things, that is present in the world. Good, bad, ugly beautiful, or any thing, God is present everywhere, God is present inside our selves. There is need to experience to feel him.

God is just and impartial. He rewards good things. All those who trust God, receive the blessings of the God. Children there are different way to worship God. Some pay ‘namaz’ in the mosque, while others go to temple, but service to humanity is an excellent form of worship. It is a holy work. We should always remember him. We should thankful to God for all things that we get. He would be pleased this because we get all things only from him.

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