Monday, December 14, 2009

Fairy Tales, reviewed by Chandni

Fairy Tales

Reviewed by
Name: Chandni
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

I like fairy tales because in these books beautiful colours, pictures, etc. are there.
In fairy tales, I like Cinderella and Snow White’s story. But Cinderella I like the most because I this book a good thought is there which cannot come in fairy tales.
In Cinderella’s story, there was a step mother and two step sisters which do not like the Cinderella. Her father was died. The Cinderella’s position was a servant in the house. The mother scold the Cinderella everyday that this work is not done etc. One day, a party card was come in the Cinderella’s house. When they came to know that the prince party was there, they were all happy. But her mother an two step sisters told the Cinderella that you were not went not the prince’s party, you will stay t home and clean the whole house. When I come back. Then they were went to the party. Then a fairy came to the Cinderella and said t hat say what do you want I will give you everything. Then Cinderella told fairy that she will go to the prince party. Then fairy said that O.K. after that she gave a costume and a beautiful horse cat which is made up pumpkin to the Cinderella. Then fairy said that at 12.00 clock, you will came to the home because after 12.00 clock the magic will over. Cinderella said the O.K. Then she will go to the party and danced with the prince. When 12.00 clock was coming to over then she came to know that she will go the some but she left her slipper at the prince’s court. Then prince found her slipper and gave to the servant and told that please find the girl whose slipper is this. Then the servant go every house and they came to know that this slipper is Cinderella’s slipper. Te step mother and two step sisters look at to her and the Cinderella went with the prince. And lived happily.

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