Monday, December 14, 2009

The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare, reviewed by Manisha Gupta

The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare

Reviewed by
Name: Manisha Gupta
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

The Merchant of Venice is one of the Shakespeare’s best known plays. It is a comedy which is saved from becoming a tragedy by the extremely intelligent heroine Portia. Antonio, a rich merchant borrows money from a crafty Jew, Shylock. He is so certain of being ale to payback the loan that he pledges to give a pound of his flesh if he fails to do so. He borrows the money to help his friend Bassanio to win the love of Portia. Antonio’s shops are lost at sea and he is unable to repay the loan on time. Shylock got a chance to take pound of flesh of Antonio. Shylock takes him to court where Portia disguised as a legal expert. Next day Portia comes with ready. Shylock tells everything to Portia. Portia says to Shylock that you cut the pound of flesh of Antonia but you sure that the blood should not come out. Shylock is very confusing. Portia says there is no mention when you cut the pound of flesh there is blood come out. Portia says to Shylock you shall have to penalty for this everything which you have you should gave to Antonio or the other half to general state. Antonio tells the Duke, Portia and all the court to quit the fine. Antonio only wants that after Shylock death his money to gave his son Lorenzo and his daughter. He become a Christian. In this way Portia intelligence mind who is a doctor of law helps and saves Antonio’s life form Shylock.

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