Monday, December 14, 2009

Heidi by Johanna Spyri, reviewed by Aditi Dhar Choudhury

Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Reviewed by
Name: Aditi Dhar Choudhury (10 years)
School: Father Agnel School, Noida.

‘HEIDI’ is a timeless classic, simply told, beautifully written and has been liked by children, down the ages.
The book revolves around a young orphan girl, ‘Heidi’ and her growing years. It is a book which teaches us the virtues of loving, caring, sharing and giving. Through Heidi’s eyes, we see how walls of mistrust can be broken, how happiness and sunshine can be spread by one’s good deeds and how magic can take place, as happened in the case of Clara, when there is love and a strong will.
Through its pages, one is taken on a journey from the Swiss town of Mayenfeld, at the foot of the Alps, to the village of Dorfli, then to the high mountains, up in the Swiss Alps and thereafter, to the city of Frankfurt and back again to the Alp mountain and the village of Dorfli.
With Heidi, we come to meet her aunt, Detie; her grandfather, Uncle Alp; the goatherd and friend, Peter and his mother and grandmother; Clara, the girl confined to a wheel –chair, her father, Mr. Seseman, her grandmother. and the house-keeper, Miss Rottenmeier.
The book touches one’s heart. It is a must read for every child.

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