Monday, December 14, 2009

Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson, reviewed by Yashtika Kakkar

Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson

Reviewed by
Name: Yashtika Kakkar (9 years)
School: Delhi Public School, Indirapuram

The book, Treasure Island written by R. L. Stevenson is the famous book of eighteenth century. During this period, the classic stories written by the literary giants like Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, R L Stevenson and others, where people cared for adventures and goodness of heart. The hero of the story, Jim, emerges as a courageous boy, who has to face so many difficulties to complete his mission. Unfortunately, he loses his parents in his young age and has to earn money on his own by running a cafe. There he comes to know about an island where treasure is hidden. On his trip to the Treasure Island Captain Flint helps Jim in several ways. Finally Jim gets the treasure from the island. This story must be read at a younger age so that a feeling of adventure ignites at the right time.

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