Monday, December 14, 2009

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, reviewed by Dhruv Taneja

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Reviewed by
Name: Dhruv Taneja (15 years)
School: ITL Public School

Inkheart, a novel by Cornelia Funke is mostly for Fantasy lovers…. like me. Even if you’re not a fantasy lover you can enjoy the book all the same. It is an entertainment package meant for all ages, anyone from 10 to 80 can enjoy it. This entertainment package contains thrills, frills, joys and terrors and can entertain anyone for hours.

Funke has carefully woven the Inkheart world and all the characters within it. Each character has an ambition, a past and a hidden story of their own. The story revolves around two main characters Meggie (or Meg) and her father Mo. Mo does not know about his secret power of bringing characters alive and one night accidentally brings out an evil ruler named Capricorn, his faithful servant Basta and a kind of lost person Dustfinger out of the land of fiction into our world. Capricorn and Basta after emerging out of the Text run away and start their own evil Kingdom. Capricorn continues to try to achieve his dream of World Dominance through machinations even after coming out. Now it’s up to Mo, Meg and Elinor (their bookworm friend) to send Capricorn back from where he came from……. To know more you will have to read the book.

Besides revolving around the plot, Cornelia Funke also wonderfully conveys the joys of Reading and this is why I like her books so much. Inkheart is a Magical, Magnificent and Mesmerizing Book which is a must read. It has the ability to bring a Smile to anyone’s face.

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