Monday, December 14, 2009

Mirror Cracked From Side To Side by Agatha Christie, reviewed by Uday Mishra

Mirror Cracked From Side To Side by Agatha Christie

Reviewed by
Name: Uday Mishra (14 years)
School: ITL Public School

This book is all about all melodramatism and thrill with all the the murders.Agatha Christie has written this drama and many more very beautifully with a little taste and colloquialism and some great words of weight that it is surely captivating to the eye and a good past time for people aged who are thirteen or more.This books gives an insight of a budding detective who is all set to solve a murder which has occurred in the house of a very famous actress.Through various persona's which are interviewed by the police department we get a brief introduction of their dazzling lives of stardom.The author has spread out all the clues or pieces in front of us which finally give rise to the big picture which is given in the end.Agatha Christie who is one of the third bookseller to have the highest books sold has truly lived up to her name.The story revolves around the introspection of various police officers and Miss Jane Marple who usually solves all the mystery.The setup of this story is in England in a village near which the house of Marina Gregg is situated and that is where the series of murder takes place and everyone is regarded as a suspect.The plot is brilliantly put and it is hard for one to guess who the murderer is.The concept of the book has to be understood very well because every small fact leads to the ultimate scene but one has to acquire dictionary and has to be akeen perceptionist through out.One plus point about the book is that it is economical and one surely would think that the money has not been wasted.The story somehow makes you someone of an inquisitive type and of course it gives you a preface that even in a peaceful village a treasure of secrets can be burried.So thumbs up from my side to this great piece.

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