Monday, December 14, 2009

Kane And Able by Jeffery Archer, reviewed by Yashila Sing

Kane And Able by Jeffery Archer

Reviewed by
Name: Yashila Sing
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

The book dates back to fire first world war era, in a small town in Poland, where a child discovers or rather delivers a new borne from an ailing mother who dies in child birth.

Mistakening it for a new animal his family could east, the child brings the new borne into his family, where his mother readily accepts him as the ninth member of the family, calling him Wladek. As fate would have it, one day the varon of the city adopt him to offer “competition” to his son in studies.

A thousand miles away a son is borne to a rich family of bankers in United States, Christened William Kane. .Both these children live completely different lives, one in the richness of the bankers’ family, while the other has to live in dungeons of his castle during the seize of Warsaw by Russians. Wladek’s world is shattered when the Varon dies after being help captive in his own castle for nearly four years, while William looses his father too in Titanic.

While Wladek migrates to U.S. illegally, William can already be seen fidgeting with hundreds of dollars in his ledger book. Their live run critically parallel to each other, until one day they cross paths with what is called the “period of depression” of thirtes.

Wladek, now called Abel Removski, who is manager of a defunct hotel which is mortgaged to Kene’s bank holding William Kane responsible for all his misfortunes, swears to destroy Kane, a man who hold the chair to one of the biggest banks in U.S. The sequence of events that turn up after this, as well as the description of world war II, when the two men meet once again has been dealt with possibility in the best manner by Archer, the book is descriptive enough to the extent of a moving picture but as the same pace, though the end is rather critical one, is agreeable at the same side.

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