Monday, December 14, 2009

Science Matters by Gangan Pratap, reviewed by Sakshi Shewale

Science Matters by Gangan Pratap

Reviewed by
Name: Sakshi Shewale
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

Imagine trying to convince a young person, brought up on a diet of MTV and ESPN that science mattes. The most successful people at the turn of this century did not need science ina personally enabling way to get there. Ye it is science and technology that deliver them to the living rooms, in a global village, amplifying and distorting them in proportions grotesque to their relative abilities to improve the physical quality of life. The Whittles and Von Ohains are so easily forgotten.

This book is a sincere attempt to convey the principles of Science to the MTV generations – from teenagers to baby-bomer alike – n a simple and sometimes simplistic way, always avoiding subtlety. Madonna fans should have no difficulty in following the thread of presentation here.

Hazen and Trefil’s book is in formative, written in a very accessible way and draws many common place analogies and metaphors. Both have had excellent track records as scientists doing original research as well as being outstanding communicators of popular sciences.

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