Monday, December 14, 2009

Othello by Shakespeare, reviewed by Kajal Tanwar

Othello by Shakespeare

Reviewed by
Name: Kajal Tanwar
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

‘Othello’ is a play written by Shakespeare which is a love story of Othello and his wife Desdemona, but with a tragic end. Desdemona was the daughter of a very rich man and she truly loved Othelo so married him. Her father misguided Othello by saying that if she couldn’t be loyal to her father how can she be loyal to him. There were two persons whom Othello trusted a lot - Zago, his army chief and Caso his Lieutenant. Zago was not trustworthy, he betrayed Othello. He pretended as if he is very much faithful but was an hidden enemy. He created misunderstandings between Othello and Desdemona by making Othello believe that Desdemona and Casio are getting closer towards each other. For evidences he used Casio’s Handkerchief by unfair means an left it in Desdemona’s room and asked Desdemona to favour Casio regarding some problem in front of Othello. By passage of time the misconception grew more and more. Whatsoever happened, it was shown to Othello the other way round by Zago.

At last Othello, who was a short-tempered creature killed his wife Desdemona. He loved her a lot but his possessiveness grew more and more and overpowered his love which mad him to kill her wife out of jealousy. But somehow after that he realized that she was innocent and so was Casio. There was nothing between them. So his grief made him to kill himself too. Thus, it is said that trust is very much important for a relationship and over-possessiveness can lead to destruction.

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