Monday, December 14, 2009

Matilda by Roald Dahl, reviewed by Pankhuri Prasad

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by
Name: Pankhuri Prasad (10 years)
School: Basava International School, New Delhi.

A truly beautifully narrated story about a girl with mystical powers, incredible intelligence and a lot of guts, this story certainly arises from Roald Dahl’s creative best and Is surely a major must-read for all children. Matilda, the superhero of the story, is an extraordinarily bewildering girl. She is a priceless gift to the Wormwoods, which is quite ironical as they are the least deserving of the lot. Her father is very mean and corrupt and her mother’s just stupid. They think that Matilda is a nuisance who should watch more T.V and read fewer books! But, at least Matilda’s fate has something bright in store for her, as she gets a lovely teacher, Miss Honey. Once for a change, there’s someone who discovers her to be a genius. But as her kismet would have it, Matilda also has a headmistress who is not as lovely. In fact Miss Trunchbull is as stern as a military dictator. She is a gigantic creature, who is always angry. But the scariest thing about her is her punishments, which of course Matilda falls prey to. This is when Matilda discovers that she has a secret weapon of her own! She could move things by the powers of her eyes! There is a secret to Miss Honey as well, i.e. the lion was the lamb’s aunt! Yes! She was Miss Trunchbull niece. When Matilda will know this she will not let this cruel woman live a comfortable life. Matilda will take revenge. Now Matilda has a problem, her parents are shifting to France! But as a happy ending ends at all places, Matilda doesn’t go; she lives with Miss Honey instead.
With lots of unhappiness and sorrowness, Matilda’s life becomes just the way it should have been from the very starting., full of love & joy!

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