Monday, December 14, 2009

My Struggle for an Education by Booker T. Washington, reviewed by Rupinder Kaur

My Struggle for an Education by Booker T. Washington

Reviewed by
Name: Rupinder Kaur (16 years)

Booker T. Washington was a black American educator and social leader. He, in the passage, narrates his early experiences and hardships which underwent to get admission to the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in Virginia. How he reached the institute and how he got the admission there.

While at work in the coal the author overhead two miners about a great school meant for coloured people in Virginia. He determined to go to that school. This thought was with him day and night. Finally he set out on his journey to Hampton. After many days he reached the city of Richmond . Virginia was 82 miles. He was extremely tired, dirty and hungry. It was late in the night. He had neither any money nor acquaintance in the place. Next morning, he begged the captain to allow him to become a porter in order to earn something for good. He worked there for a number of days. he tried to save money with which he could reach Hampton. At last on reaching Hampton, the first glimpse of the huge three story building of the school gave him a new life. It was the reward of all that he had undergone. As quickly as possible he presented himself before the head teacher for admission. He was in a very sad plight because of his dirty clothes, worn-out look etc. It made him very uncomfortable. H felt if given a chance he would be able to prove is worth. After some hours she gave him the broom. He was very pleased to get a chance. He swept the room thrice and got a dusting cloth and he dusted it for four times. Not even a single article was left undusted. After having been satisfied himself he reported to the head teacher. She inspected the room for dust. She was unable to find any dust she admitted him to the institution. He took the sweeping of that room as his college examination. Afterwards he passed several examinations but he always felt that sweeping the recitation room was the best he ever passed.

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