Monday, December 14, 2009

God’s Creation – Man’s Destruction by Shakespeare, reviewed by Vineeta Nair

God’s Creation – Man’s Destruction by Shakespeare

Reviewed by
Name: Vineeta Nair (17 years)

Once, as usual, a rag picker was sitting on a footpath after having his lunch. He decided to take rest for sometime. He passed his time by watching the traffic, the people and many other things. Suddenly he saw a worm on the road, between the huge traffic. His heart began to beat loudly and he was afraid as it was sure that if the worm crosses the road it would, no doubt, lose his life.

As the worm, slowly, - slowly, started crossing the road the man became more frightened. The main saw that a car was heeding towards the worm and his tears rolled down his cheeks as he thought the worm would die. But fortunately it escaped the car. Then, it was a scooter to pass-by the worm. This tie also the worm escaped. One by one the vehicles passed by it and it went on escaping from the mouth of the death. he man was very surprised by the fact that the worm did not had even a minor injury.

When the worm reached half way, a truck heeding towards it passed by it and God’s grace the worm was not harmed. Then came a bus and as usual it escaped the bus too. By then the man felt very much relieved as the worm had crossed the road.

The worm itself felt very relieved as it had crossed the road very safely after escaping many death. For it (worm), it was like a second life for it. The worm was happy and relieved that he had reached the footpath at last but its relief didn’t last too long. As soon as it stepped the foothpath a man walking on the footpath stepped over it and it lost his life. The rag picker cried when he saw that a worm which escaped the heavy vehicles lost his life because of a man’s foot which is nothing in comparison to the vehicles. The man then realized that it is humans that cause great destruction.

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