Monday, December 14, 2009

The Woman And The Crow by Subir Roy,reviewed by Vijay Lakshmi Jhawar

The Woman And The Crow by Subir Roy

Reviewed by
Name: Vijay Lakshmi Jhawar
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

Once an old woman made a roti, and kept it on a brass plate. A crow picked it up and flew to his nest on a tree. “Crow, Crow,” said the woman, “Please give my roti back”. “No, no”, said the crow, “I’m going to eat it.” So the old woman asked the tree, “Oh tee, dear-tree, I am so very hungry. The crow has taken my roti away, will you throw his nest down so I can get my roti back?” The tree said in a gruff voice, “Oh no, old woman, the crow is my friend, why should I throw his nest?” The old woman went t the woodcutter. “Woodcutter, woodcutter, The crow has taken my roti, the tree will not throw his nest, so cut the tree, please cut it down.” The wood cutter asked I a soft voice, “why should I cut the tree, it has not done me any harm”. The old women frowned and went to the rat “Be good to me my friend, the row has taken my roti, the tee will not throw is nest, the woodcutter will not cut the tree, will you nibble the wooden axe?” The rat thought for a while and said, the woodcutter has not bothered me, why should I nibble his axe?” The old woman went to the cat “the cow has taken my roti, the tree will not throw his nest, the woodcutter will not cut the tree, the rat will not nibble his axe, Dear at, please kill the rat.” “You may be right, said the Cat, “But the rat has never troubled me, why should I keel him?” The old woman finally went to her pet dog. She patted him and said, my dear doggie, won’t you go and kill the at?” The dog wagged his tail and said, “very well, madam.” The dog went after the cat “Please leave me alone,” cried the at, and the ran after the rat.” Don’t kill me,” screamed the rat, I shall nibble the woodcutter’s axe.” The woodcutter saw the rat coming. He spare his axe and s aid he will cut the tree. He took his axe and went the tee. Please woodcutter don’t cut me, I shall throw the crow’s nest”. The tree shook its branch, the branch shook the nest, the crow was frightened, he quickly dropped the roti. The old woman got her roti back and was happy as can be.

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