Monday, December 14, 2009

Night Shift by Stephen King, reviewed by Candice Samuel

Night Shift by Stephen King

Reviewed by
Name: Candice Samuel
School: Carmel Convent School, New Delhi

'Nothing is ever quite as it seems...' these are the words used by Stephen king describing his book night shift-I. Night Shift is a collection of tales which make you clutch your fingers as you read about the horror stories of ordinary people and everyday objects that strangely come to life. The most horrifying tale included in night shift in entitled as 'The Mangler'. The Mangler is a story about a laundry machine which gets posessed by a demon after one of the ex-employees of the factory had cut her finger against the machine. The Mangler would peel the bones right out of the body of whoever would come across it. One day, a horiffying incident takes place at the factory; an employee of the factory named Mrs. Frawley misteriously falls into the mangler and gets killed. officer Hunton, who comes to investigate the scene was left horrified and frozen at the sight of it and majorly confused. He talks about this shocking incident to his freind Mark Jackson ,an english proffessor, who was left dumbstruck on hearing about the incident.
Both the men try to figure out the confusing mystery about this beastly machine, until one day they come across an ex-employee of the factory who told them that long time back she had cut her finger against the machine, and ever since that day, gruesome and horiffying incidents started taking place at the factory. It was like as if the machine had gotten the taste of blood. Both men concluded that the machine had been posessed by a demon. They both rushed to the library and read various books based on exorcism, and finally decided to cast out the demon from the machine. both the men enter the factory at night carrying a bible and a bottle of holy water, and standing a few feet away from them was the mangler, rock steady.
But as they both began to perform exorcism on the machine , it suddenly roars to life in the most frightful manner producing steam and creating loud hissing and thumping sounds which made the two men run for their lives . the mangler chases them with great steps spitting out blue waves of fire .Professor Jackson was killed and this made officer Hunton with great courage toss a whole bottle of holy water at the mangler. The machine then starts to break down , still spitting out blue fire and finally, stops. The next morning , officer Hunton was reminded of the deadly incident that happened last night and the loss of his dear friend as he opened his eyes and found himself at home , but when he steps outside his house for a breath of fresh air, he senced the smell of blood, and there was the Mangler, hissing in front of him.

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