Monday, December 14, 2009

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, reviewed by Diandra Noyonika Damani

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Reviewed by
Name: Diandra Noyonika Damani (12 years)
School: Father Agnel School

Characters – Isabella Swan (Bella) & Edward Cullen (Edward)
This is a Fiction Story.
Stephenie Meyer is an American Writer, known for her vampire romance series Twilight. The Twilight novels have gained worldwide recognition. Meyer was named USA Today's "Author of the Year" in 2008. Twilight is the best selling book of the year.

Twilight is a vampire love story, about a girl who’s parents have separated and so her mother had married another man .She lived with her mother in Phoenix her whole life till she was 16 years old .She loves the warmth and the heat of Phoenix. She prefers dry and warm weather to wet and cold weather. After her mother moved in with her new husband, Phil, Bella took the decision of staying with her father Charlie in the town Forks. Charlie is the sheriff of Forks. Forks is a wet and cold place, which is exactly what Bella doesn’t like. It’s a whole new experience for her to live in Forks, attend a new school and to make new friends. Bella expects her new life in Forks to be as dull as the town itself, but her new classmates don’t seem to mind her awkward manner and low expectations. They seem to like her. Her new friend Jessica tells her about the ‘Cullens’. When she gets to know about Edward Cullen, she is fascinated by him. What she doesn’t know is that the closer she gets, the more she is at risk and it might be too late to turn back .Later she gets suspicious about him and his bizarre behaviour. With every passing moment she is drawn closer to him and slowly she finds out that she is falling in love with him.

My opinion on this book is -- this book is a magnificent romantic love story. Even though I’m not a teenager I think it is definitely worth reading. How they express their love towards each other is simply out of this world. Stephenie Meyer is undoubtedly an incredible writer.
The favourite part of the story that I like is the part when Bella is getting closer to Edward & getting to know that he is a vampire. It heightens the suspense.

James Henry Trotter is forced to live with his two wicked and mean aunts, Spiker and Sponge, after the death of his parents
who were eaten up by a rhinoceros.
Life with his aunts is hard, and they ill treat him making him work all day. James wishes he could play and be free like other children. He dreams of running away from his mean aunts. His dream comes true when a strange old man appears with a bagful of magic crystals. These crystals have enormous power and they are meant for James to eat. But James drops the crystals in the garden accidentally. The next day he finds to his surprise an enormous peach growing from the lone peach tree in their garden. He is so excited and goes to explore it at night. He finds a small door leading deep into the peach and finds to his surprise finds seven enormous insects (a Grasshopper, Centipede, Lady Bug, Spider, Earthworm and Glow Worm). He is frightened out of his wits at first, but to his pleasant surprise James finds that they are friendly creatures and were waiting for him. No sooner do they all get to know each other than the peach rolls off the tree, flattening the greedy aunts on its way down the hill and falls into the English Channel. It floats in water, till James has a brainwave. They tie the peach to a whole flock of sea gulls. In this way they fly across the sea. Encountering many adventures on the way James and his friends travel and reach New York where the peach gets stuck on the Empire state building. All the seven insects and James become celebrities and live the rest of their lives in New York in great honour. In the last chapter of the book, it is revealed that the giant hollowed-out stone which had once been at the center of the peach is now a mansion located in Central Park. James Henry Trotter lives out the rest of his life in the giant peach stone, which becomes an open tourist attraction and the ever-friendly James has all the friends he has ever wanted. Occasionally one of his friends visits: the Old-Green-Grasshopper would pop by and rest in the armchair by the fire with a brandy, or the Ladybug would pop in for a cup of tea and a gossip, or the Centipede to show off a new batch of particularly elegant boots that he had just acquired. Always imaginative and creative, James becomes a successful author, writing his story in James and the Giant Peach - "the book you have just read!"

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