Monday, December 14, 2009

The Parrot Who Wouldn't Talk And Other Stories by Ruskin Bond, reviewed by Tushar Goswamy

The Parrot Who Wouldn't Talk And Other Stories by Ruskin Bond

Reviewed by
Name: Tushar Goswamy (10 years)
School: Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, Humayun Road, New Delhi.

Ruskin Bond’s short, witty stories have many incidents drawn from his life. In this book, his simple, humorous and narrative style makes the description of the members of his joint family really interesting. The description of their whims and fancies and unforgettable antics is amusing. The concept of growing together with so many different people, introduces us to our value system and love for nature. It also reminds us of the importance of the role that our grandparents play in shaping our personality and character.

The story “The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk” is about Bond’s aunt Ruby, whose tantrums are dreadful. She buys a parrot and tries her level best to teach him to talk, but the bird resists all her efforts. To free the parrot from her nasty comments like “can’t talk, can’t sing, can’t dance” Ruskin helps the parrot escape by leaving the cage door open. To everyone’s surprise after a few days the parrot is seen in the garden. Aunt Ruby excitedly emerged and glared at the parrot. The parrot shrieked, “Can’t talk, can’t sing, can’t dance”. At last the parrot had learned to talk!

The other stories, equally refreshing and interesting tickle the funny bones of the reader. The excitement and the lively illustrations provide an enthralling experience.

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