Monday, December 14, 2009

The Hardy Boys Revenge Of The Desert Phantoms by Franklin W. Dixon, reviewed by Mononito Goswami

The Hardy Boys Revenge Of The Desert Phantoms by Franklin W. Dixon

Reviewed by
Name: Mononito Goswami

Franklin W. Dixon was a pen name used by the diverse ghostwriters over the years. The characters were created by Edward Stratemeyer. The Hardy boys are teenage brothers and part-time detectives.


Have you ever thought of mysteries? If not then this book will definitely give you an idea of it. A race against time in the jungles of Africa by the Hardy Boys, against all the odds.

Frank and Joe are teenage brothers and amateur detectives .They’ll take you to a famine ridden, war-torn African country of Zebwa. Their job is to safely deliver a young, African girl, Nikki, to the headquarters of army intent on restoring democracy to the country which her father once led. The Hardy’s need to find Nikki, can they do so? Her father was assassinated and the country was taken over by the ruthless dictator, the rebel. Can the Hardy’s and Chet safely deliver Nikki to her people in time without burning their own fingers? Can Nikki identify the assassin amongst her own people?


The book has definitely achieved its goal about making others realize that if there is a will there is a way so there is nothing impossible. It does not let the reader put the book down till you finish it. The line “Frank tended to think things through before acting. Joe tended to act first and think later” is a truth well presented. The name given to the book tends to be seemingly irrelevant. The script flows effortlessly till the end, except on some odd occasions. They are always 17 and 18 years old, this seems to be a bit unrealistic. The pace of the book remains to be slow but interesting. The language used by the author was very realistic and was written, keeping the readers in mind. Zebwa was very well depicted by the author and will provide a beautiful imagery of the forests of Zebwa around you.

I would recommend all the students of my age to read this book and sincerely hope that you all would like reading it as much I did.

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