Monday, December 14, 2009

The Pool by Ruskin Bond, reviewed by Shruti

The Pool by Ruskin Bond

Reviewed by
Name: Shruti

Once in my childhood it was going to rain but instead of turning homewards I pushed my way forward through the leaves that grew across the forest path. After hearing the sound of rushing water at the bottom of the hill. I removed my sandals and started working upstream I saw the pool I turned and ran home because I wanted to tell the others. I had two close friends Anil and Sommy. Anil was wild and a little dangerous, Sommy was sensitive and gentle in is ways. They usually choose the adventures and I would just get involved unwillingly but the pool was my discovery and I was proud of it. I thought that pool had brought us together more than anything else. Sommy was the best swimmer and had long legs and arms and he thrashed about with much vigour and little skill. There were slim silver fish in the stream but we could not catch them. Our other activities including wrestling and buffalo riding we bathed silently in the pool. I didn’t remember how we broke up. We never really believed that we were partying or leaving the pool after a year I saw Sommy as a military man. After an interval of four years I went to the pool but I couldn’t find it. The stream had changed its course. Also with the pool I couldn’t see Anil again with their leaving.

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