Monday, December 14, 2009

The Great In Wall by Generale D Well, reviewed by Poonam Verma

The Great In Wall by Generale D Well

Reviewed by
Name: Poonam Verma
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

Once there was a writer who was sitting in garden saw a scorpion. He inspected near by saw a brown cotted scorpion with several babies on her back. It was fat female scorpion. He was crawling on wall. The writer took it in his drawing room. He came to go for dining table for dinner. He eat the meal interested and left the scorpion in a matchbox. Lurell was his uncle who cigarette and burn he was finding for matchstick. He took the matchstick in which there was scorpion. He took all the scorpion started crawling. There was a crow all over the room. All started killing to safe themselves. They have something on the hand to kill. He used to kill as all the house get destroyed. Her sister started shouting as a train alarm used to alarm when it used to move. His mother get annoyed and cleaning his spectacle to see them. They see the scorpion and starting shouting. She told writer to put the scorpion in a spoon and put them where they had came. The writer put back the scorpion on the wall of garden. The writer really had as he was lovable by their scorpion.

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