Monday, December 14, 2009

The Snake Song by R.K Narayan, reviewed by Anmol Rajpal

The Snake Song by R.K Narayan

Reviewed by
Name: Anmol Rajpal
School: The Srijan School

I have read a story of R.K Narayan, ‘THE SNAKE-SONG’. In that story there was a talkative man who sat beside the writer. He looked and remembered that man. The talkative man was chatting with someone or the other continuously. He says at one time he was ambitious of being a musician. There was his friend who was a very good musician no one knows him outside the village except someone. His concert was in the village temple only. The Talkative man ran around his master to give him training, swept his house, and washed his clothes and when he felt like it, he taught him the music. Talkative person learned music for 3 year. Next year the person went for music festival. He lived in a small. He practice all over the night. One day the lantern on the wall became a brilliant star illuminating a celestial hall_ _ _ and he came to the snake-song in PUNAGA VALLEY. He saw that there was a black cobra between the door and him. He stopped the song and rubbed his eyes. As soon as the song stopped cobra moved quietly. Then he continued the song. The snake stopped and turned his head to the writer. When he stopped, the snake stood up on its tail and promised to finish the complete song. In the end he says that memories of that song are still in his mind.

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