Monday, December 14, 2009

The Wizard of Oz, reviewed by Swayam Bhatia

The Wizard of Oz

Reviewed by
Name: Swayam Bhatia
School: Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, Humayun Road, New Delhi.

The “Wizard of Oz” is full of mystery and adventure. It centres on the queer Land of Oz where Dorothy is stranded after a fierce tornado struck the city of Kansas .In order to return to Kansas; Dorothy has to take the help of the Wizard of Oz who lives in the Emerald City. On her way, she befriends three different characters and each of them teaches a lesson to learn. Dorothy’s encouragement throughout the journey gives everyone hope. The Scarecrow wants a brain, the Tinman a heart and the cowardly Lion, courage and they are convinced that during their journey they would get them with the help of the Wizard. The journey unfolds meaningful messages like “Believe in yourself” and “Search not around for what you’ll find within”. We have to cross many hurdles to achieve our goal and like the characters who overcome every problem thrown by the Wicked Witch, we too can overcome problems by being together. The unity between Dorothy and her friends throws light on values like love and care. All the characters had the power within but failed to recognize due to lack of self trust and self confidence. The Wizard was like a torch that showed them their own light and made us aware of ours too.

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