Monday, December 14, 2009

Harry Potter And The Order of Phoenix by J.K Rowling, reviewed by Anant Sharma

Harry Potter And The Order of Phoenix

Reviewed by
Name: Anant Sharma
School: Father Agnel School

Harry Potter a very good and adventurous frictional book that is written by J.K Rowling. This is the fifth installment of the series. She wrote all the books of Harry Potter and is a very good writer. The publishers are Bloomsbury (UK), Scholastic, (US) and Raincoast (Canada)
In this Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts in his fifth year of his wizard education. There was a big secret revealed by him that the one who-must-not-be-named (Voldemort) had returned. This was only believed by his headmaster Professor Dumbledore and the Order (an army which is against Voldemort) and obviously Harry himself. After Harry went to his school he met his friends again. Professor Dumbledore announced that the Defense against the Dark Arts will be taken by the new teacher Professor Umbridge in the great hall. She was cruel to the children and did not let anyone do any type of a magic. Now Ron, Herminie and Harry were very angry about this thing that happened and they took an action for this they made an army to practice defensive spells. After many days Harry was anxious, now it was the time to be facing Voldemort because of the Mass Breakout in the Azkaban. Now they went to the place which Harry dreamed about. The death eaters were already there and suddenly the Order also came there and fought against the death eaters. In this period a spell hit serious very badly and he was dead then Harry followed the death eater who killed Serious (his sister) and reached Voldemort and then Dumbledore appeared and there was a huge fight against Voldemort and him. The ministry of magic came there and saw Voldemort and awarded Harry
I liked it when the students practiced in the room of requirement, they casted many spells and practiced for the fight against Voldemort. I also liked it when all the children were breaking rules and regulations of Umbridge. The part I didn’t like was when Umbridge gave detentions to the students cruelly.
The book is really worth reading as it is made in a way that the interest in the book keeps on increasing after we read a chapter. It is a very interesting book and I liked it. I learnt that if someone has done something he will obviously get into some sort of a trouble for example- Umbridge. My interest came there when my friends told me about the and then I read it and found it interesting.

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