Monday, December 14, 2009

Rain in the Mountains By Ruskin Bond, reviewed by Sahil

Rain in the Mountains By Ruskin Bond

Reviewed by
Name: Sahil (15 years)
School: Delhi Police Public School, New Delhi

Ethical,beautiful,natural are few among the infinite words to describe my words through the book named 'Rain in the mountains'.It is written by Ruskin bond,which is my favorite author of all time.Each of his book is like an intense journey to me.But this particular book -'Rain in the mountains' gave me spectacular experience of reading. It is a well written book which revolves around the experiences and rememberance of author when he lived in mountains.Hence the whole book is devided into various chaptors like 'Once Upon a Mountain Time' 'Mountains In My Blood' 'Notes On the Wayside'' Mountains are Kind To Writters'' Time To Close the window' which are succeeding into further sub topics. I found all the chapters interesting and well appealing to extreme corners of my heart.The best part of this book which attracts me towards it is the way author had described each and every component of nature,about the mountains,it's people and landscape both visually and audiologically.There is something like magic in this book which engulfs us to accomodate the same emotions and feelings that the author would have felt while writing it.

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